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Private Hosted VoIP PBX

Our Private Hosted VoIP PBX plan is for customers who need a little more from their Business VoIP Solution.

Your own, fully private, Hosted VoIP PBX

Ideal for hotels, schools, and clients wanting customization or queueing. Can be scaled to thousands of concurrent calls.

Hosted Private VoIP PBX


Per Month

  • Carrier Rate Calls
  • 16GB Recording Space
  • 5 Concurrent Calls
  • Scales Easily

Private Hosted VoIP PBX

Our Privated Hosted VoIP PBX is a popular choice for clients with many extensions but who have lower traffic volumes and is paticularly well suited to clients like schools and hotels.

This solution is also suited to larger clients who want customization, queueing and conferencing etc. This solution can be scaled according to your needs and can even be replicated cross datacenter to give you the ultimate in availability.

By default the Private Hosted VoIP PBX comes with 5 channels but additional channels can be purchased for just £3 per channel per month and as with our enterprise packages, calls are charged at carrier rate.

Initial storage space is 16GB for recordings, additional storage can be purchased for £1.20 per 1GB per month.

If you need a custom package, call us on 0161 710 2180 to discuss your requirements. Our technicians will be happy to advise you.

Features of our Private Hosted VoIP PBX Solution

In addition to the features listed below, our Private Hosted VoIP PBX includes Call Recording, Call Center, Conference Center and much more.

Call Rates

Standard calls are charges at a rate of 1p landline and 3p to the major mobile providers. Carrier Rate calls are charged at carrier rate with no profit to us. Currently carrier rate mobile to the major providers is around just over ½ of a penny with landline calls priced at a ¼ of a penny. See full tariff for more details.

Datacenter Failover

For single datacenter failover, in the event of a server failover, another server will take over from the failed server. For multi datacenter failover another server in a different physical datacenter will take over from a failed server this ensures continuity of service even when a datacenter fails.

Call Flows

Use a feature code to change the flow of calls, this is often used to provide a DAY/NIGHT mode service. ie as you leave the office dial *33 to activate night mode which could forward calls to voicemail or forward to a mobi le phone, upon your return in the morning dial *33 again to return to normal calling.

Call Forwarding

This feature allows calls to your extension to be forwarded to either another extension or even, an external number for example your mobile phone or a landline. A more advanced version of call forwarding that prompts you t o accept or reject the call is Follow Me.

Call Parking

Call Parking allows users to 'park' a call in a 'slot'. Another user can then pick up the call from the slot. This is typically used in smaller offices where you may hear, "Bill, there is a call for you on line one"

Follow Me

Tries to contact you at multiple locations eg: try office, then, landline, then mobile, then voicemail. Follow Me also can be configured to prompt you to accept or reject the call.

Time Conditions

Time/Date based routing of calls for example route inbound calls normally Mon-Fri 9 to 5, all other times to voicemail. Built in holidays etc.


Calls can be sent to voicemail. Voicemail can also be sent by email as a link or as an attachment to the voicemail itself.

Music On Hold

Plays back music on hold to callers. There is also a facility to upload your own custom music.

Ring Groups

Powerful call routing where multiple extensions can be rang simultaneously or sequentially.

IVR Menus

Typically used for things like, "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Services" etc.


Comprehensive phone directory.

Call Detail Records

View call detail records.

Call Blocking

Block calls from spam callers etc.

Call Center

Manage Queuing and Queue Agents.

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