DirectVoIP are pleased to announce that we are now members of the ITSPA.

SIP Trunks

Our Enterprise SIP Trunking gives you UK mobile for just over half a penny and UK Landline just a fifth of a penny. No connection fee to most destinations.

Our Standard SIP Trunking rates are currently 1p to UK Landline, 3p to standard UK mobiles

SIP Trunking offering Quality, Value and Reliability

No setup fee, no hidden monthly usage fee, pay only for your calls and channel fees if applicable.

SIP Trunking is primarily for users who have their own PBX hosted elsewhere, if you do not have a PBX, view our Hosted PBX plans. If you have any other queries regarding any of our packages or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard SIP Trunk


Pay only for your calls.

  • Standard Rate Calls
  • Most UK Mobile From 3p per minute
  • UK Landline 1p per minute
  • 1p Minimum Call Charge
  • Two Inbound Channels

Enterprise SIP Trunk


Per Channel. Per Month.

  • Carrier Rate Calls
  • Most UK Mobile From just over ½ penny per minute
  • UK Landline ¼ penny per minute
  • No Minimum Call Fee
  • Minimum 3 Users

Standard SIP Trunk

Whats included:
  • Standard Rate Calls
    • UK Mobile 3p/min
    • UK Landline 1p/min
  • Includes Two Inbound Channels
  • Additional Inbound Channels £1.50 Per Month
  • 1p Minimum Call charge
  • Powerful Anti-Fraud

For clients with lower call volumes, our Standard SIP Trunk is the ideal choice,

Enterprise SIP Trunk

Whats included:
  • Carrier Rate Calls Our best call rates
    • UK Mobile just over ½p /min
    • UK Landline just over ¼p /min
  • 1 Outbound and 1 Inbound Channel Per Channel
  • No Minimum Call Fee
  • Minimum 3 Users
  • Powerful Anti-Fraud

For clients with higher volumes of traffic, our Enterprise SIP Trunk is the ideal choice,
Our excellent carrier rate pricing will soon offset any per channel costs. You get one inbound plus one outbound channel, so a 10 channel package allows you to make 20 concurrent calls, 10 in plus 10 out.

Powerful Anti Fraud

Both Standard and Enterprise clients are able to take advantages of limits on their trunks to mitigate any fraudulent activity. We can set both a maximum cost per minute of a call as well as a maximum connection fee and we encourage all clients to take advantage of this.

Enterprise Trunk clients can also specify the dialling codes to be blocked or allowed and again, we encourage this. If you never call Afghanistan, don't have it in your allow list! This is a very powerful tool and allows thing like "All calls to UK except premium and also allow landline and mobile to France, Germany and Spain" etc.

This along with other measures that we do not disclose, allow our clients to sleep safely at night knowing that whatever happens, their liability is very limited.

Call charges calculator

Calculate the cost of a call by entering the number below.

Value For Money

We aim to provide excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Great Support

Datacenter technicians on standby around the clock to ensure the highest possible uptimes.

No Suprise Bills

You will always know exactly what you need to pay and when with our pre-pay system.

No Contracts

With no contracts, switching to and from our service has never been easier.

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